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Sunday, 22 April 2012

The event that blasted our day

My life as a college student made its own first step at KIC a.k.a Kirkby International college. After all, it is a college life, man !

I feel so excited to share with you some of the sweet and remarkable moments of my life at here especially about the events which took place at here.

Of course, the most memorable and enjoyable event was the " MERDEKA RAYA" which was the first event in KIC. Seriously, it was a blast !

Date: 23/9/2011-Outdoor games
          24/9/2011- Performance
Duration: 8:30 a.m until 1:00p.m
Venue: Auditorium of KIC 

Done with the formal info so, now let us have a look on the informal information, guys !
Actually, there were several activities organized by Student's Council of KIC on a day before the actual event. It was in the form of competition for all the students. The list of the competitions were:
  • Creative Eco-Friendly Fashion Line
  • Kiss The Floor
  • Longest line
  • Bowling
  • "Semakin jauh , semakin sayang"
  • Back Ball Ball
  • Laughing Hyena

 The most amazing part was that all the students including non-Indians did took part in this event. I took part in Longest Line competition. So, can you guys imagine how blast was it ?
Some of the amazing activities are singing, dancing and poem recital. All the lectures including our very own principal and president danced with us. What an enjoyable moment.
My college mates: Luiza and Tulaashini.
That's me !
The rocking SHELLIANS ^ ^

And you guys know what? I rapped for a Malaysian song on that day. My friends and I did that. They were Sean, Ab. Hafiz and Hanani. The round of applouse from my friends accompanied by their non-stop cheers lifted my spirit up. The song entitled Malaysian boy. It was my first time I am singing. I just wanted to do it again and again. Unfortunately, I lost the copy of the video in my hard disk a few weeks ago. I was thinking of uploading it at here and then only I realised that it is already lost. But, this is one of the picture that we snapped.

Honestly speaking, this event did gave us an unforgettable experience since we get a great chance to strengthen our bondage and instilled some important leadership values.
We miss the moments until today.

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