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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Me and my whatever !

I would like to declare one important matter that I am here only to make sure that my assignments are done on the time without any procastination :)

Sincere hugs for Madam Mahjan since she assigned us with world's best assignment which is this : CREATING OWN BLOG OF OURS !

I can feel the sense of jealousy over there ! * For those who are like "What ? This is so cool, man"   

Get over all that and let me give a brief intro about myself , hope I got your view on mine :) !
This is so not to promote myself but, just to make sure that YOU click the "Join this site" icon without any hesitation ^^

Renuka Kuna Saikaran here a.k.a WEYNU 
Going to get into the world of 20 years old by this coming 12th June and yes, I am a GEMINI baby

Currently , a foundation student of PLPPIP course in Kirkby International College Cyberjaya *Yeah, it does not suits me that well but for the sake of my mother's wish , I am trying my best over here ! May god bless me :)

Proud to say that I am a girl from the Pearl Island *look below !

Enough with all that  up there since I know very well that you are already bored *as well as me :)

There is a great chance of both of us to get even closer *note that it is not on term only* by following each other's blog & talking as much as we could about almost all the awesome okay ?!

And yeah, welcome to my blog !
PeAcE No WaR ~

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