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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Frienship is the best ship !

A big hye and hello to all the lovely readers :)

This entry is to share a common matter but a very special one with all of you!

The letters are only 10 letters but, the meaning is unlimited.


As for some people, friendship came in various definition. From my point of view, friends are who we spend most of time with in both happy and sad moments !

King has golden ship,
Queen has silver ship,
I have only one ship,
It's friendship.

I have many friends as you all too. This time I am going to share to you about my new college mates :)

Let us start with my room mate :)


The very first person for me to knew in the whole new place at here.
She was so humble at the first time and she is until now :)
She cares and loves others so much.
We are not that close but, believe me I never felt so.
Thanks for being there whenever I needed you.
I do love you.

Next, would be the only Sabahan girl.

She was so friendly out of 120 students on the orientation day , seriously.
I feel so awkward in the hall until we met each other.
She is a very beautiful girl and brave as well.
She loves her family so much and that attracted me towards her.
Her room is just next to mine.

This is my recent crush or soulmate :)

I am so lucky to have her as my friend.
She is like a sister to me in another word.
Actually, I find it very hard to put all my words together to show all of you how much she means to me and in what way is that.
I can only sum up all that in three words which are I LOVE YOU.

This is my whole clique of friends in KIC 

We are so made for each other.We can be together in all situation for each other.
                     Yes. We do have argument but, always end up with a good agreement.
                     Honestly speaking, we are sisters by HEART.

My Last Word:
Treasure it :)

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