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Thursday, 26 April 2012

My dream nest :]

Who can see future ?
I am so sure that we can only dream or imagine about it for meanwhile unless we have any supernatural power!

I have plenty of dreams to be chased! One of them are my DREAM HOUSE
White colour plus purple colour would be the perfect one for my dream house since both of them my favourite. So, I would be feeling so comfortable living here. 
Actually, I am just hoping for a house as simple as possible. I don't have too much of demand. I'll be happy to live in my own house if it's on my own choice. There is no word to describe the satisfaction.

Well, this would be my favourite part in my dream house. 
It looks like a kid's dream bed room as well, I guess.
But, believe me that it's my dream room too.
Too cute! I can be in the room for the whole day without getting bored.
These are some pictures of some parts in my dream house.


 But, I do realise the fact that I can only achieve my dream if I have work toward it with all the efforts I can.
Good Luck to me :)

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